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Pandora X Limited (“We”) respects its users’ (“User”/“You”/”Customer”/”Your”) privacy and appreciate Your concern to protect Your privacy. This Privacy Policy has been adopted by us to inform you of how we handle the information that you share with us.


GDPR Statement:

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable as of May 25, 2018, imposes additional requirements upon companies to enhance the protection of personal data of EU residents. Pandora X has a dedicated team overseeing the GDPR readiness. Below we discuss our efforts and commitment to GDPR.


Pandora X Ltd Commitment to General Data Protection Regulation:

GDPR regulates the governance of personal data for European Union citizens with a prominence on Data security and Data privacy. The GDPR not only apply to companies that operate in the European Union (EU) but it will also impact companies operating outside of the EU, if they process any personal data of any of its customers in the EU.

Pandora X has established its Information security and Data privacy principles to protect the privacy and information rights of its Customers. We are strenuously committed to GDPR compliance.


Personal Data:

Personal data is the information relating to an individual who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data. Identification of personal data can be through reference to the information itself, or in conjunction with any other information in our possession or is likely to come into such possession. The processing of personal data in the EU is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation.


Privacy Notice:

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to outline how we have established measures to protect your privacy rights.


Customer Data:

We may receive, store or process certain information including personal information on behalf of our customers. Under the EU-GDPR such information is controlled and owned by the Customers, referred to as Data Controllers with respect to such information.

This Customer Data may include information from devices or other systems that the Customer manages and monitors using our services or products. It could also include end user data related to an individual’s activities on Customer’s network and systems including but not limited to Email address, IP address, device information, CPU usage and any other data related to address a support or a service request. Under GDPR we are primarily a data processor for Customer Data.


Data collected:

We collect some information to conduct our regular business operations and administration that may include some personal information such as Company name, email address and contact details. We outline this below as:

  • Data collected from website users;

  • Data collected through the use of our products and services; and

  • Other data

Data collected from website users:

When you visit our website or seek to conduct business with us you may be prompted to provide certain personal information such as name, email address, mobile number, organisation name and geographic location etc. This information is used by us in the following ways:

  1. Help us connect with you or to establish communication at your request.

  2. Collect your Email address to subscribe to our newsletters.

  3. Register for webinars and online demonstrations

  4. Enquire about our products and services.

Generally, the personal information you provide to us are necessary to provide information you have requested, resolve a complaint or address a query.

Our servers automatically collect certain information when you visit our website. This information does not necessarily reveal your identity directly, but it may include information about the specific device used, such as the hardware model, operating system version, web-browser software (such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer) and the Internet Protocol (IP) address/MAC address/device identifier.

In some countries, including the European Economic Area, this information may be considered personal information under applicable General Data Protection Regulation. We do not use this information to identify you, and do not process this information actively. The collection is a by-product of using the website.


Data Collected through the use of our Products and Services:

Usage Data: Where our customers subscribe to our products and services we collect certain technical information obtained from software, systems hosting the services or products and device accessing these products and services which do not directly identify the end user herein referred to as Usage Data. We collect this information for business analytics to identify how our products and services are used by our Customers. The extent of this collection is configurable by our customers, but as an indication, our collection of technical information that constitutes personal data includes (but is not limited to):

  • IP Address

  • Email address

  • Company name

  • Mobile number

  • Device Time

  • Device Model

  • RAM Information

  • Storage Information

  • Bluetooth Information

  • Data Usage details

  • Password Strength

  • Device Notes

  • Other usage statistics