Zeno's Paradox

Picture yourself under the tutelage of none other than the great Zeno of Elea himself – the man behind the creation of the greatest paradoxes of our times. 

Zeno's Paradox

2500 years ago within the great walled city of Elea, Zeno created a paradox. 
A mind-bending riddle that left the entire world confused.
It took 2000 years for scientists to unearth the solution for Zeno’s paradox.


So what is Zeno’s paradox?
The tale goes back in time with a hypothetical example constructed by Zeno starring our two favourite characters – the mighty mythical warrior, Achilles, and a lone tortoise (you might remember this unlikely hero from the childhood story ‘Tortoise and the Hare’. Slow and steady wins the race, right?)

In Zeno’s paradox however, the steadfast tortoise is up against a much bigger opponent – Achilles himself.
The race begins with tortoise being a step ahead of Achilles, and the great warrior has to take two steps to get to the tortoise.
But theoretical mathematics saves the day and this sneaky little tortoise ‘wins’ against Achilles!


How is that possible?
According to the dichotomy paradox or ‘the paradox of cutting in two’, every distance between two points, A and B, can be divided into an infinite number of ‘halves’.

So despite Achilles’ superhuman agility, the tortoise will continue to be one step ahead of Achilles no matter how close he gets to it. 

If that is the case, then how is it possible to get from point A to B?
Or are we simply trapped in a series of finite distances which span infinitely…
This forms the premise of Zeno’s paradox – you have to get from point A to B (denoted by a cross sign) in a series of 33 engaging levels involving simple obstacles in a fun and magnetic new game that is simple enough to solve but challenging enough to leave you thirsting for more… 

Just when you thought you had solved it all, a new challenge arises.

And the paradox continues… 
Or so it seems…
Give your brain cells a treat and your imaginations a boost with this enthralling new game which is based on one of the world’s most nightmarish but incredibly simple riddle, Zeno’s paradox.
Classically simplistic in its design, Zeno’s paradox stands out for being truly simplistic. 
It does not bull-doze you with jargon of big words; it does not leave you down a web of a crazy pathways to get stuck in a complex labyrinth. 
That is the key – what makes it incredibly simple is also what makes it exceptionally engrossing. 


A simple yet mind-bending riddle.
We call it a paradoxical fun!
So what are you waiting for?


Download Zeno’s Paradox for free and traverse infinity with:

  • 46 well calculated levels 
  • A slick and simple game design 
  • Intriguing challenges that keep you on the edge
  • And a series of riddles you’re only a step-away from solving!

It is time you invigorate your brain cells to have momentous fun in a game that transcends time itself!