Chicken on Fire

For surviving in the game, you have to run as fast as you can, so you won’t get caught. The aliens took the last organic chicken and we have to save it.

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We are in 2183 and we have to learn how to escape from aliens. 👽 Are you ready to start the fight? 🔥🔥🔥 Are you in a good shape so you can run fast enough to survive? They came from outer space and destroyed our farms, our hopes" says one of the victims. "Help us! Join the resistance" 🐣

Defenders of Faith: Gallipoli!

A demo game about Ottoman's legendary artillery defence of Gallipoli! A short game with cannons, ships and period's weapons. It will take you to first World War!

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The fleet of nations that desired to occupy the nation of Istanbul arrived from the Aegean Sea through to the Dardanelles strait. "The combined fleet of British and French ships had one goal to accomplish to successfully eliminate the Ottoman Empire and deliver aid to Russia.

The tale goes back in time with a hypothetical example constructed by Zeno starring our two favourite characters – the mighty mythical warrior, Achilles, and a lone tortoise (you might remember this unlikely hero from the childhood story ‘Tortoise and the Hare’. Slow and steady wins the race, right?)

Zeno's Paradox

Picture yourself under the tutelage of none other than the great Zeno of Elea himself – the man behind the creation of the greatest paradoxes of our times.

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